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Emm aims to upgrade periods with a smart menstrual cup

The Emm lineup from left to right: carrying case, Emm cup, portable UV sanitizing case, and applicator.
The Emm product lineup includes a case, a cup with biosensors, a portable UV sanitizer, and a tampon-like applicator. | Image: Emm

In wearable tech, menstrual health often feels like an afterthought. Case in point: Fitbit, the first major wearable maker to add period tracking to its platform, did so in 2018 — over a decade after launching its first device. So is it any surprise that, in the era of smartphones and smartwatches, people are still using menstrual products that have remained largely unchanged over the last 90 years? Not really, but that might soon change. Emm, a smart menstrual cup, is currently going through beta testing. If all goes well, the product could launch as early as this year.

What exactly is a smart menstrual cup? In Emm’s case, it’s a suite of products that center around a wearable device that kind of looks like a shuttlecock-shaped ketchup…

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