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Samsung’s new 83-inch TV is its first one with an OLED panel that’s probably made by LG

Samsung’s 83-inch S90C.
Samsung’s 83-inch S90C OLED TV. | Image: Samsung

At first glance, Samsung’s new 83-inch S90C OLED TV doesn’t look too different from the company’s existing 2023 OLED TV range. But keen-eyed observers at Forbes and HDTVTest have spotted that the $5,399.99 TV, which has the model number 83S90C, appears to have a screen size larger than any of the QD-OLED panels produced by Samsung Display.

That means we’re almost certainly looking at the first Samsung OLED TV to use a panel produced by the display division of its South Korean rival LG.

“There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this 83-inch Samsung OLED TV will be equipped with a white OLED panel also known as WRGB OLED panel from LG Display,” HDTVTest’s supremely knowledgeable Vincent Teoh said in a video last month after news of…

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