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Suck carbon out of the atmosphere and desalinate seawater at the same time? This startup is trying.

A mockup of an industrial plant layout for a facility that would desalinate seawater and take carbon dioxide out of the air. | Image courtesy of Capture6

A startup developing technology to take planet-heating carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere just signed a deal with a state-owned water utility in South Korea to build a pilot project that combines the new climate tech with seawater desalination.

The first-of-its kind collaboration is intended to clean up some of the pollution from a giant hub for petrochemical production nearby, on top of supplying fresh water to heavy industries in the area.

Depending on how you look at it, partnerships like this could be an innovative way to minimize the environmental damage from very dirty business, or a way to keep fossil fuels flowing when the world needs cleaner alternatives. Either way, it’s an example of how the fossil fuel industry is cozying…

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