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This PlayStation RPG is the game the GDQ tech team hates the most

Screenshot from Chrono Cross featuring the main character, Kid, a light-skinned woman with spiky blond hair smiling against the sky
Image: Square Enix

Making sure an event as large as Games Done Quick (GDQ) runs smoothly is a monumental task. There are lots of technical moving parts, from video equipment, to lighting, sound, and stream overlays, to donation trackers that have to be kept running 24 hours a day for a week straight. The tech team also has to consider the individual needs of over 100 runners playing on consoles that range in age and complexity from the NES to the PlayStation 5.

With all of that going on, I wondered which game out of the thousands that have been run at GDQ throughout its 10-plus-year history the tech team hates the most, and the answer surprised me.

It’s the PSX SquareSoft (remember them??) RPG Chrono Cross.

After speaking with GDQ’s director of technology,…

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