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How smart is the smart kitchen, really?

Vector illustration showing different aspects of smart kitchen appliances.
Image: Samar Haddad for The Verge

The smart fridge is the dream. You’re telling me there’s a gadget in my kitchen that can know all about the food I have in my house, what goes well together, and what I need to cook before it starts to stink up the whole house? A truly smart fridge could help you meal plan, keep your grocery bills down, reduce your food waste, and just make life better.

But there are dreams and there’s reality. And on this episode of The Vergecast, for the second in our two-part series on the smart kitchen, we’re putting the dream to the test.

The Verge’s Jennifer Pattison Tuohy has as smart a kitchen as any reasonable person possibly could. She has smart appliances, a smart sink, a smart fridge, and more voice assistants than anyone could ever talk…

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