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Google says Gemini AI is making its robots smarter

A Google DeepMind worker training a robot to understand that Coke is his favorite soda.
DeepMind found “preliminary evidence” that Gemini enables its robots to plan how to undertake complex tasks from simple instructions. | Image: Google DeepMind

Google is training its robots with Gemini AI so they can get better at navigation and completing tasks. The DeepMind robotics team explained in a new research paper how using Gemini 1.5 Pro’s long context window — which dictates how much information an AI model can process — allows users to more easily interact with its RT-2 robots using natural language instructions.

This works by filming a video tour of a designated area, such as a home or office space, with researchers using Gemini 1.5 Pro to make the robot “watch” the video to learn about the environment. The robot can then undertake commands based on what it has observed using verbal and / or image outputs — such as guiding users to a power outlet after being shown a phone and asked…

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